muerodelata asked:

I always wondered... Nimona once bragged about being an exceptional cook, but we never got to see Ballister actually eating her dishes, therefore, we don't know if he enjoyed it o ate it politely and spew it later in the bathroom... so, is she really a good cook?

gingerhaze answered:

There was this joke I didn’t end up using where Ballister got home and the kitchen was full of just like, blood and half-chewed deer carcasses that Nimona had dragged in and scorched with dragonfire and the fridge was stuffed with charred chunks of meat in Tupperwares. And Ballister got out of eating it by claiming he was a vegetarian even though he wasn’t, but the scene was so gruesome that he did indeed end up going vegetarian after that.

So no, I don’t think she is a particularly good cook.