Last week I hit a nerve with my post about the New York Times YA Bestsellers list

Pictures above is this week’s NYT Bestsellers List.

For more context, I wrote about the gender breakdown of the list in November: part one and part two

People still suggest women “dominate” YA fiction, but I beg to differ. They do better on the YA series list (which is a beast I have yet to look at) but again, it’s worth thinking about what it means when 9 of the 10 NYT Bestsellers are MALE, 4 out of 10 are one single MALE, 2 out of 10 are a close MALE friend of one of those MALES, and the female on the list was connected to the MALE in 4 out of those slots. 

Why this worries me is not that it’s John Green. Instead, one reason why it worries me is that when a single TYPE of book dominates a list, then that TYPE of book is what continues to be put into the market. It’s reductive

The funny thing about the YA list is the bestsellers are largely literary. The series books are something else, and while there are far more women on them than on the regular YA list, they are treated like a different animal—as a friend pointed out, these authors are like Hawthorne’s scribbling hordes. They are producing entertainment, but men are producing the “real” books. You can be a literary writer and be a bestseller in YA fiction—if you are a man.

Im mostly laughing because they have me down as Co-author of the Miss Peregrine NOVEL as well as the comic… i didnt work on the novel… only the comic! So.. dont count me in the list of female authors there!

You know I’ve been seeing a LOT about lack of equality with both YA books and comics. It’s starting to feel like we (females) are being patted on the top of the head in the most patronizing way possible while being told to go back to tweeny romance stories. WHY should comic book/graphic novel stores cater only to the male spectrum? WHY are only the male authored stories making it to the top of the list?

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